Saturday, January 16, 2010

Update - Feral Cat Population #01NDG09

We receive some very sad news last night about the last kitten we have been trying to catch from the #01NDG09 stray cat population. He was found next to the shelters set up for them.. dead. It is almost undeniable that he died from simple hypothermia. Outdoors is no where for 8 week old kittens.

Please spay and neuter your pets to reduce over populations like this, and thus suffering.

You loose some you win some, but the ones lost are never forgotten. However 100 'wins' seems to never be enough to make up for the 'lost'

RIP little guy - May we rescue 100 in your memory, ato save them from the same outcome.

Black Lab Puppies - SAVED

The three black lab puppies we were trying to save from the pound, their euthanasia date was Monday. GREAT NEWS - They have all been adopted!

Rescued bunny!

We saved an adorable bunny from being euthanized this week after her owner became allergic and brought the rabbit at only just over a year old to be euthanized. SAVED, now is in a great foster home and looking for a new loving home to see reciprocate her buckets of love for the rest of her life. Pictures will be up soon!

Tortoise update

Last week we rescued a Tortoise with a prolapsed cloaca, which the pet store was uninterested in treating. The outcome was very optimistic, but we gave him a go and put our vets brains to work. With a short anesthesia the prolapse was returned to rightful place and fingers crossed should stay there! He is continuing to receive medical care and should be ready to go for adoption shortly. (Current bills stands at 120$ - ouch!)

Tortoise Update: Was dropped off with foster today he is in better shape then I thought!!! I guess I'm a little better then thought, but he's definitely in better hands. I also found out he's extra special because male Redfooted Tortoises are hard to find.

He is being fostered by a specialist who takes care of the tortoises for the ecomuseum - only the best for our little guys!

- Leigh (Our Exotic Animal Gal)

Alice - Adopted!

Alice was brought into a clinic to be euthanized for fleas just before christmas. She was rescued, and has now been adopted into a loving home with a little 8 year old girl who is already very in-love with her. This is one happy tail!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Leyla setteling into her foster home!

Exotic Animals Week (Apparently)!

THIS WEEK: Apparently is Exotic Animal Week! We rescued a little bunny girl from being euthanized because her owner became allergic and then brought her to a clinic to put her down. We also saved a Red Footed Tortoise with a prolapsed cloaca, now under treatments and still waiting to see if she will come around. Last but not least we have an adorable little blue budgie for adoption as well!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Foster Home(s) Needed

Three female Black lab puppies (One already saved) 3-4 months old left on blacony when owners moved, found freezing to death. Ended up in high-kill pound, and now on death row. We also need 60$ per puppy to save them (Pound Fees) so 120$ total for both.

They have until Monday, January 17th.

TWO PUPPIES WERE ADOPTED! Curly is the one pup left still looking for a home.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pheonix - Adopted!

Phoenix was abandoned and ended up in a pound. She was at risk of being euthanized to make space so we took her in. She has now been adopted into a very loving home and will spend the rest of her life being well taken care of and spoiled with love like she deserves.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sponsor an Animal – Rocco

We are very happy to announce that Walkin' Wheels is donating a wheelchair for Rocco!!! - This is heaven sent! They are usually 500$, and without it Rocco faced the risk of tearing his 'good' knee from all the extra weight and stress it has taken on. With an already 3000$ surgery (Now 2000$ thanks to the DMV Foundation) , the 500$ was proving hard to fit into the expenses.

Thank you Walkin Wheels for such a generous donation, this will truly help Rocco and his fight to get back on his feet - literally.

Right now we are at 755$ - WOW! We are almost half way there!

Rocco will be getting the surgery done next week on the 19th because of how urgent it is, which we will then slowly have to pay off to the DMV as the donations come in.

Sincerely thank you to everyone who has come together and supported Rocco, is has honestly been inspirational and we are absolutely pleased to be able to be a part of this.

See Roccos Story Here:



Sunday, January 10, 2010

Up Coming Benefit Concert! - Take Me Home Tonight



*** AMY MILLAN from STARS ***

E and THE RED HOT VETERINARY CLINIC launch their fundraising campaign with the help of local musicians by hosting a benefit show to support local abandoned animals.

The goal of Eleven Eleven's benefit shows is to bring the community together, to celebrate saving animals and to raise funds to continue saving them.

The concert is for all ages, so come and enjoy good music, while supporting a local animal rescue and local musicians.


8:30pm - The Hoof and the Heel (

9:15pm - Amy Millan (

10pm - Yonder Hill (

10:45pm - Beaugart

11:30pm - Bud Rice (


Date – January 22nd 2010

Time – Doors: 8:00, Show: 8:30

Venu – La Sala Rossa 4848 Boul. St. Laurent

Price – Pre Sale: 10$, Doors: 12$.

(Pre Sale via Paypal Available Here:
*There will be no tickets, only a guestlist at the door*