Saturday, December 12, 2009

Feral Cat Population #01NDG09

New arrivals & New Project! - Rescued from feral cat population of decarie Dec 12th. We froze our fingers off! But managed to catch 3 of 4 kittens. Will be going back for last and mother who looks like she has a good case of masstitis (ouch!)!

Tabby Kitten - Male
Black Kitten - Male
Black & White Kitten - Female

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rocky Pictures

Rocky Pictures / Update

Rocky was neutered, which should help lower his energy level and help him over all be more emotionally and psychologically sound. 1 - 2 years old is when male dogs reach sexual maturity, and he was 2 without being castrated. With sexual maturity comes dominance, possible aggression (could explain why he growled at the child), and other behavior related problems like marking. Thankfully he only growled at a child, only dominant with other dogs, and had not yet started  marking. So we have nipped it in the bud and once his testosterones are gone he will be a happy go lucky dog with no hormones getting in the way. 

He was also fully vaccinated (DHPP-Lepto-Kennel Cough-Rabies), Heart Worm tested negative, and had a dose of external and internal parasite treatment and prevention. He is healthy and go to go!

Here is a picture of him recovering from the surgery:

Rocky - New Arrival


Age: Young
Sex: Male/Neutered
Breed: Boxer
Size: Large (72lbs)
Date Rescued: December 8th 2009
Not Recommended: Children under 14

Reason rescued: Rocky was going to be euthanized after being to much to handel in the household with kids.


I like: Long walks on the beach, candle lit dinners. Well long walks, and my kibble does just fine. I am a Boxer; you know what comes with boxers? Energy! Yes – energy, I got it! No more than an average boxer though, and I know when its down time. But when its go-time oh boy can I go! I like to play, and run, and have long walks.. you know, like any dog really.


I Dislike: Being homeless for one. I also do not get along great with other dominant type dogs, because I can be dominant myself with other dogs – we would not mesh well. Also I was raised in a family with kids.. but growled at them once for what ever reason (who doesn’t lose patients with kids now and then). To be on the safe size, I should never be trusted around kids – ever.


Hobbies and Interests: Giving and received lots a love, attention, play time, long walks, the usual.


Looking for: A warm loving home. I need a strong experienced owner who can keep me in-line, because I am a strong hardheaded dog (comes with the breed). However I respond GREAT to the little bit of training I have had, I just need someone who can keep up with it and wont let me get out of had.


To the Point:  Now that you have got to know me a little bit, lets get to the point. I am a fantastic dog, and full of brains. I am a quick learner and very eager, you give me a little training and ill take it the whole 10 yards. However that goes the other way as well, give me a little slack and I will also take that the whole ten yards. I need someone that knows dogs, knows how to train dogs, and knows large breeds. I am too big of a boy to get the slack to be let out of hand. Because of my history with kids, I should not be trusted with them. Other than that, I am happy go-lucky and ready to spread my excess amount of love with you.

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Sponsor an Animal – Frankie

Update December 1st 2009: Frankie has fully recovered from the surgery and we will not need to go back in again, yay! His life of pain is now DONE. He has been adopted by his foster mother and will now enjoy his new pain-free life happily with her in Hudson.

Update October 28th 2009:
Frankie has managed to rip out his stitches! He was brought back in and had to be sedated to have his stiches put back. His ulcer however has fully healed with very minimal scar tissue after over a month of intensive treatments.

Update October 25th 2009: Frankie went back into surgery for his left eye, still needed a little more nip and tuck! The surgery went smoothly and he has recovered very well.

Update October 15th 2009: Frankie has developed a minor infection in his left eyelid incisions! He mastered the art of rubbing his eyes with the E-Collar (Which is to prevent that). In turn he gave himself and infection, silly boy. He is now on anti-biotics for the infection and eye drops to reduce the scar tissue from the massive ulcer he had in his eye. His right eye looks GREAT, on the bright side. We may have to go back into surgery with the left eye once it is healed, we may have not taken the eye lid back enough. It is better to take too little than too much out! Soon enough we will have him all fixed up. Also the other big news is; Frankie has been adopted by his foster mom!!! He won over her heart and after weeks of giving him his intensive treatments.. who wouldn't! We are very happy for him, he will now enjoy the rest of his life in Hudson.

Sponsor an Animal – For Christmas!

It is a sad reality that although many homeless pets will be finding homes for Christmas, many homeless pets will also not be finding homes for Christmas. Help fill their heart with joy of that special day, donate. We are raising money to be able to provide gifts and treat for the animals in our care on Christmas. Help make those tails wag with joy Christmas morning, even if they have not found their forever home. Remainder of money will also be used as emergency fund to save urgent cases in the New Year.

Donations can be made in someone else’s name, and mailed to you or them. Please send us and email to specify after donating.

  • Less than 20$ email confirmation with picture of animal donation helped.
  • 20$ or more: Certificate of donation, with picture of animal donation helped.
  • 50$ or more: Signed thank you letter with picture of animal donation helped, Rescue T-Shirt and 2 pins.

To Donate go to

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Birthday Girl Sage; Chooses to Donate to rescue instead of getting presents

Sage is a very special little girl who decided to not only donate to the rescue for her birthday, but also raised money through her birthday party and friends to also donate towards us. Sage and her family were able to raise a grand total of 540$ and chose to donate towards a special little kitty named Noah, who needed reparative jaw surgery after being abused. 

We cannot thank the Pinto-Miniorgan family enough for all that they have done for the rescue. Their older daughter Grace also chose to do the same in October, which was picked up and aired on CBC news! (Click Here). It is so humbling to see the great morals taught by this family at such an early age. We hope this story inspires other children to think about others, and realize that they CAN help make a difference in the world. 

Sage meeting Noah, the kitty she helped save!

Sage, Annly and Noah. Annly is the person who saved Noah.

Sponsor an Animal: Noah the puppy - Update

We are happy to say that Noah recovered fantastically and has been adopted. 

Sponsor an Animal: Noah the puppy - Update