Friday, September 11, 2009

Kingston update

Yesterday Kingston had a big day of surgery! He was neutered, had and umbilical hernia that was repaired, had a dental done and was microchipped. He teeth were in pretty bad shape and a few even had to be extracted. 

He is now recovering very well and back to his normal self. 

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Diamond spayed

Diamond was spayed yesterday and has recovered very well!

She was also tested for FIV/FeLV and is negative, good news!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September 4th Fundraiser, a huge success!

As many of you know, September 4th we held our first fundraiser "Party Like an Animal, For The Animals" at Vinyl. We had a great turn out, everyone had an amazing time, the event was a huge success. We just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who came and supported the rescue, or who was unable to come but spread the word about it. Also thank you to everyone who not only came but also donated, or bought our T-Shirts/Pins! This rescue entirely relies on you guys to help us out, and therefore directly helps the animals our rescue saves. We would be unable to help any of these animals with out you! 

Special thank you to the people who helped us make this event happen:

To the main people who helped plan the event, 
  • Lora Minicucci: The rescues public relations and event planner. Thank you for helping us through everything and the many midnight veranda meetings, or 8am phone calls. You are an amazing team member, this could not have been done without you. Nor could i be able to run this rescue with out your help. 
  • Kevin Sauve (WildSide): Thank you for helping bring everything together through the many days of long chats to figure everything out and work through the ups and downs thrown at us while organizing this. This event would not have been nearly as successful without your dedicated work. Also a big thank you for DJing at the event for us, your an amazing DJ and everyone loved you!

The DJs: Mary Hell, WildSide, and Deschanel
  • An extra thank you to Mary Hell for taking the time out of her busy schedule to come to our event. Although you were unable to play because of an equipment mix-up. We really did appreciate you coming and supporting us. You are an amazing DJ (however most people already know that, as she is the resident Saphir "Beat me up" Thursday night DJ) and we were completely honored to have you. Click Here to see her Myspace.
  • Thank you to Phil Creamer also known as Deschanel another great DJ for playing at the event and supporting us: Click Here to see his Deschanel Myspace. He is also an amazing singer/song writer, Click Here to hear his music (it's worth a listen).

The Donation Bunnies:
Shabz KassaieMagali Rey 

The Event Volunteers:
Joshua HornsteinDaivd GourlaySarah Kim, Pascale Joannette, and Natalie Ross.

Thank you to Elisabeth Faure for publishing the event and helping us get our word around about out organization and future events. 

Flyer made by: Pierre Etienne Corriveau
Event Photographer: Elizabeth Cournoyer (Click Here to see her website)

Also if you were unable to attend this event don't worry, we have many more planned up our selves, to be announced soon. 

If you missed it, here are some of the event photos: 

- Posted by Caroline Ross on behalf of Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue (Lora Minicucci, Leigh Symington and Christina Miller)

Meet Kingston: Our Adult, Male Shih-Tzu for Adoption

Name: Kingston
Age: Adult (Under 5 years old)
Sex: Male (To be Neutered September 10th 2009)
Good With: Cats and other dogs, children to be tested.

Kingston was given over to us after someone found him and was unable to find his previous owners. We have also made efforts to find the previous owner unsuccessfully. However it is debated that the person who 'found' him and gave him over to us just did not want his dog anymore. Kingston is a very very sweet boy and just gets along with everyone and everything. He has been veterinary checked and is healthy. He as been vaccinated against Basics, Lepto, Rabies and Kennel Cough. He has also had a treatment of Revolution for the treatment and prevention of: fleas, mites and intestinal parasites. He will also be neutered and have a dental September 10th (as his teeth have some tartar). Kingston is ready to find a nice home to settle into and complete with his unconditional love. 

Pickle Before and After

Pepper Before and After

Penguin Before and After

Update on: Pickle, Pepper and Penguin

They are all doing amazing and have overcome thier eye infections. They are now ready for adoption. Pepper and Penguin are adapting to indoor life amazingly and love to purr. Pickle however is still very nervous and will take alot more work. 

Pepper: Female, 2 Months Old


Penguin: Male, 2 Months Old

Pickle: Male, 2.5 Months Old

Meet Cricket: One of the 15 feral kittens for a feral population we are trying to place.

Cricket a 2 moth old female kitten was caught Saturday. She is one of the 5 we have been able to catch from a feral kitten population of 15. She is part of a population of feral cats that we are currently working on by catching, socializing, and placing the kittens and spaying the mothers

All of the kittens are covered in fleas, and have eye infections. Some of the kittens we are unable to catch are even blind from the secretions of the eye infections sealing their eyes shut. Once they are caught we given them a pill to kill all the current fleas within hours, and revolution to prevent any future fleas developing. The revolution also treats and prevents any possible intestinal parasites and mites. 

Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue in the Concordia news letter "The Link"

Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue in the Concordia news letter "The Link" - September 8th

Coppies available at any Concordia campus.