Monday, November 30, 2009

STOP the suffering / SAVE the Dolphins

Every year in Demark, specifically the Faroe Islands there is a mass slaughtering of Calderon Dolphins as right of passage to manhood tradition. The slaughtering is done by stabbing / cutting, which leads to their ultimate death from shear pain and loss of blood. Their death is not pretty, quick, and by far not painless. While they surcome to their slow death, they scream and cry, their whales of pain are much similar to that of a newborn baby. Despite the obvious inhuman reality of this, lets not forget to mention these specific dolphins are facing extinction. Dolphins are smart, intelligent, and sensitive creatures who not only trust humans but enjoying interacting and playing with us, not to mention many old sailor tales are of Dolphins even saving them. As a part of manhood tradition, this means that it is teenagers who are doing the heartless slaughtering. Lets STOP the needless suffering, while SAVING a species near extinction.

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