Saturday, August 22, 2009

Help save rescued dog from China, after being thrown out a car and now needs his leg amputated!

Xiao-Hei was thrown out of a car and got hit in China. A Canadian girl was traveling and working at the same time in China saw him, and brought him back with her. He suffered from an injured hind leg and the only way to help him is to amputate this leg. However, the girl is a young student that can't afford the surgery cost all by herself so we are hoping to help her raise some funds. Surgery will be performed at the Animal Health Clinic in NDG, they have agreed to do it at a discounted cost if we can come up with the money! 

Honey now ready for Adoption!

Honey first came to us a week ago after being found on a road in really bad shape. She was listless,  tiny, skinny, full of worms, and her eyes were sealed shut with secretions from having an eye infection. She was put on a course of antibiotics and has now fully recovered from her eye infection. She put on weight, and has turned into a bright, playful, affectionate little kitten. She is constantly purring! shes so full of love and life!

Diamond Ready for Adoption!

Diamond and her siblings (Twister & Daisy) were brought in a box, all very sick and had an upper respiratory infection, Rhinotracheitis virus. Diamond was the sickest of the group, she was so affected by the infection she could barley breathe. We were not sure if she was strong enough to fight off the infection, even with the antibiotics. But we gave her a chance, and to our surprise she responded amazingly to the treatment!! She has now almost completely overcome the infection. On top of a sever upper respiratory infection Diamond as had a nast eye infection, leaving both of her third eye lids retracted. Her eye infection has now completely cleared up.

This is what she looked like when she first came in three weeks ago!

FOUND: Manx/Bobtail Cat

Please contact if you have lost your cat, it is a manx/bobtail type (has 2 inch tail). It was brought to us,  thought to be stray because it was sleeping in a dirt pile, very dirty, under weight and full of cuts/scabs. It was found by someone August 20th at 10am on Melrose between Somerled and Terrebonne. 

Please include: 
Sex, Age, Color 

Thank you. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Update on Moon! Cute video and pictures!

     Moon and Madeleine were rescued from a shed at 6 weeks old when they were risking getting kicked out! They grew up with no human contact and were both terrified of humans! However both their foster family's did amazing jobs and they both turned into amazing kittens! Moon was adopted by her foster mother Krysten and and grown so much since i last saw her! She is such a beautiful girl, both of them are stunning kitty's. Madeleine is being fostered right now but is being adopted around August 28th! What happy endings for such a harsh start to life!

Heres some more pictures of Moon: 

Logo Shirt Designs In!

This morning we got in the first set of shirts for our clothing line! These are our basic Logo Shirts for the rescue, but we will be getting much funner ones coming soon!

A big thanks to lovely Christine!

15 Kittens need to find homes!

A few stray cats have produced over 15 kittens this summer, we would like to try and find all the kittens foster or adoptive homes! Let us know if you think you could help!

We will also be getting all the females fixed ASAP!

*Pictures of them comming soon

Monday, August 17, 2009

Twister still fighting his Upper Respiratory Infection

Daisy and Diamond twisters sister have now finished their course of antibiotics and have overcome their infection. However poor twister is still fighting his. We have started Twister on a different course of antibiotics for another 10 days, hopefully with this he we finally kick his infection. He does look really good none the less! he is still a very happy playful kitten and looks 100 times better than when we first rescued him!

hopefully he will be able to get neutered August 26th as scheduled!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pictures of Honey

This is what we have for now, not the best photos! But this is the best her foster mother could do. I will take better pictures of her soon to put on the website.