Friday, February 5, 2010

Who's the boss?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Foster Home Needed

This poor pup was brought into a veterinary clinic to be euthanized because his owner no longer had the ability to take care of him because of his age. The dog is 1 and a half years old and in good health. Very obedient, and gentle. He has until 5pm Friday before he will be euthanized.

See Foster Home Application process:


Adoption Event - Febuary 28th 2010

We are very excited to announce an up-coming adoption event Febuary 28th 2010! A great chance to come and meet our very cute rescue animals and not to mention the team members as well! The event will be held in a fantastic clothing store, Lululemon Althletica on St. Cahterines street. Come and enjoy a great day down town with the family, or the girls and get some notorious St. Catherine street shopping done!

Place: Lululemon Althletica 1232 St. Catherine West
Time: 12 - 3 pm
Date: Febuary 28th 2010

New arrivals

Yesterday was a big day in the rescue, we had FOUR new arrivals; 
  • Ginny - A pregnant three legged Husky rescued from a hoarding situation
  • Tango - An 8 month old complete mutt bought impulsively this summer as a cute 8 week old puppy at the pet shop.
  • Nikki - A very sweet lab mix picked up as a stray and brought to Animal Control
  • Cash - A Pug mix, dropped off as an emergency owner surrender 
Pictures coming soon!

Shop for a Cause - January 31st 2010

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who made it out to the Shop for a Cause event organized by The House of Shoes. Especially Diane Bondurak who threw it together to support Rocco and his surgery funds. We were able to raise 350$ to go towards Rocco's surgery fund!

Support like this is what allows us to help animals like Rocco, so we sincerely thank everyone who took the time to make it out to the event and who as involved in the event!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kodie (Now Ti-Jack) Update

The picture speaks for itself :P - he is doing great!

This is what his new mom said:

"Kodie is already getting along with his new daddy :) They make a wonderful team. Thanks again to eleven eleven animal rescue, and specially to Caroline and Leigh, who helped us finding the dog of our dreams :) Thank you so much ♥"

New Arrival - Bunkie


Age: Young
Sex: Female
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Date Rescued: January 30th 2009

Bunkie’s family got caught in a tight situation and had to leave town – FAST (For confidential reasons). Bunkie was about an hour away from getting the boot (Or being left behind) when 11-11 got called by someone working their case, we rushed to the rescue in 20 minutes and rescued the little kitty. She is now safe and sound and looking for a new home to start her brand new life. She is a little compact ball of non-stop l-o-v-e, so get ready for it!

Kodie - ADOPTED!

This little tyke set a new record at 11-11, he was adopted and we have 5 adoption applications within 48 hours of posting him! However this lucky boy was adopted within 'the family' by a freind and co-worker of 11-11 at an affiliated veterinary clinic. He has already settled himself into his new home, and their hearts.


Leyla was adopted today into a fantastic family (to say the least). We are very excited for her to have found such a great family. She has a whole long life ahead of her with them and we know it will be filled with a whole lot of love. Leyla has hit the jack-pot with them, and so have they with her. One more happy tail!

Porscha Adopted!

Porscha was rescued in November and after 4 months has now bee ADOPTED! She is a true survivor and was the vicitim of for profit breeding. Because of the negelctful conditions she was kept in and poor genetics Porscha has NO tear production. She arrived with leathery dry eyes, the docotors did not even belive they would be able to recover. But this little mircale worker, worked her maigic along with intensive eye treatments and a fantastic foster mom Porscha slowly regained her vision! She however will never have tear production, and for the rest of her life will always be on eye ointments. Even with that Porscha was able to find an EXCEPTIONAL home, with a new sister! She is one lucky pup and is now finally getting the second chance at life so many people have fought for her to have. Thank you to her beyond amazing foster mum Leesa, and the amazing adoptive home who looked past her special needs and what what we all saw, just Porshca a perfect little flawless pup.

New Arrival - Jill


Age: Young
Sex: Female
Breed: Shih-Tzu cross (Hypoallergenic)
Size: Small
Date Rescued: January 31st 2009
Not Recommended: Children under 14

Jill is a survivor. Jill has suffered and survived the torture of being in a puppy mill at the mercy of a human for the greed of making money to produce that cute puppy you see at the pet store. She was one of many surrendered by the puppy mill who no longer had use for them. However unlike all the others Jill remains the most reserved, she is in short petrified of humans (For very good reasons). However despite how scared she is, she has no mean bone in her. She needs work, a lot of work and someone willing to help bring her out of her shell and undo all the wrongs and injustice she has suffered at the hands of humans. She is a sweet heart, and is just waiting for that special person to spoil her with love and show her that us humans ‘aint all that bad!

Recent Puppy Mill Seizure / Foster homes needed

11-11 took a tour of some of the recent puppy mill dogs at The SPCA today. Lets just say it took us 3 hours to go through them all, there are so many right now. The small breeds are mostly great tempered, however there was one little girl who won out hears over. Jill was hovering in a corner and petrified of people or being touched, so we took her in the rescue! She obviously needed the extra TLC and we could not leave her behind. She is now being foster my one of the team members, Caroline. We also plan to take on a few more.. but we need foster homes! This is were YOU come into play, if you have ever thought about fostering NOW IS THE TIME. These pups need YOUR help. Besides the small dogs, there are also about 40 large golden/husky crosses. Most very well socialized but many absolutely scared of people, however very curious! They just need someone with a little patience willing to pull them out of their shells (We are unable to post pictures of them because they are still in court with the previous owner).

We will also be taking on a 3 legged pregnant husky from them, ready to give birth literally any day now! She will also be fostered within the team by Joanne.

If you have ever thought about fostering NOW is the time. Click Here to see more information about fostering.