Friday, August 14, 2009

NEW ARRIVAL: HONEY! sick little kitten saved tonight now needs foster home ASAP!

Honey was found on road earlier tonight in really bad shape. She is tiny (1.5lb), skinny, listless and covered in dirt and oil patches. Her eyes were sealed shut with secretions, and belly distended with worms.  Thankfully we have not heard her sneeze yet, so fingers crossed she doesn't have rhino! she was nick named "Help" because despite her tiny size she has a very loud sad meow that sounds like "help!". She has been veterinary check, de-wormed (Pyrantel Pamoate), and started on a course of antibiotics. She is only about 6 weeks old, and still has beautiful blue kitten eyes!

*pictures to come soon

We currently desperately need a foster home for this kitty!!!! she cannot be kept with other cats, but dogs are fine.

please let us know if you know anyone who can help!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Diamond has overcome her upper respiratory infection!

        BEFORE                                      AFTER
(August 3rd)                             (August 13th)

Diamond and her siblings were brought in a box to be euthanized. They were all sick and had an upper respiratory infection, Rhinotracheitis virus. Diamond was the sickest of the group, she was so affected by the infection she could barley breathe. We were not sure if she was strong enough to fight off the infection, even with the antibiotics. But we gave her a chance, and to our surprise she responded amazingly to the treatment!! She has now overcome the infection, and is ready for adoption!

Diamond is a beautiful, elegant, petite cat. She has bloosmed with us from a terrified, deathly sick kitten into a playful, active, affectionate, healthy kitten. She is a joy to have around and really has an amazing personality. She has overcome so much at such a young age, and is just ready to relax and be a kitten. 

Upcoming T-shirts!

We are currently in contact with Christine from, she is an amazing talented girl, whos designs you will completely fall head over heels for!

We are working on getting some basic T-shirt designs to open and online shop and sell at events. They will be sort of peta style with powerful meanings like this, but in a very arorable way like this, and this, i am very excited to see what she comes up with! We should be having them around September 7th (after our event so we can afford this!). 

For the event however we will be having t-shirts for sale at the event to raise money. I will post the design for them soon!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Madeleine getting toilet trained - to go in the toilet!

     We have done this with a few of our personal cats. Training them to do their business in the toilet! sounds strange, sure, but actually works out really good! it also saves you a life time of slavery to a litter box, and environmentally more friendly. She is just on the first level right now of training but has taken to it very well! she is being fostered at my mothers right now, and my mother is very good at toilet training cats, so we figured why not! 

also i had to add this picture, its too cute!

for more information on toilet training you kitty, Click Here.

todays inspiration

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fundraiser/Launch Date Set!!!

everyone keep your friday september 4th open!! Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue will be throwing a huge fundraiser / launch party at vinyl!! Amazing djs, great alcohol deals, 5$ cover. The cover goes directly towards the rescue, and our animals. More details to come, but i am excited, its going to be huge!

URGENT! Baby mice need foster homes to save them from being snake food!!!

We need foster homes for 14 baby mice that were born after the common miss sexing of the pet store, along with another female being pregnant. 

If these mice do not find foster homes/homes they will have be humanely euthanized, in order to prevent them from becoming snake food. 

Please let us know if you know anyone who knows anyone who could help!

email: for any questions, or if you can help!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Video of Daisy - For Adoption

Video of Madeleine Playing

New Web Site Launched

last night i pulled and all nighter and launched the new website for this rescue (Previously In The Flaws Rescue) the new website is looking good i would say. Please go and check it out, and give me some feed back:

Twister Adopted!

Twister: Rescued August 3rd and Adopted August 9th. Twister and his siblings were going to be euthanized because of an upper respiratory tract infection. Although he is still overcoming the respiratory infection they were kind enough to look over that. It wonderful to see our efforts put into saving Twister and his siblings turn into success. Twister will be enjoying the rest of his life in his new home, and right now an only child. He still has to finish his course of antibiotics. We will be getting him neutered August 26th, once he has fully overcome his respiratory infection (hopefully).