Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Tia was placed in a new home today, and hopefully her last. Three homes in 11 months is pretty harsh. Hopefully she will spend the rest of her life in this one and enjoy her new Boston terrier friend and family. 

2 of the 9 one year old rabbits adopted!!

Today two of the 9, One year old rabbits were adopted! The Male and Female sliver spotted ones. They are both in two separate homes and looking forwards to spending the rest of their lives there. They a little nervous tonight because of the new environment, but will be exploring and enjoying their new habitat shortly. Now just 7 more to find homes for!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Future Possible Project: Rescuing Pup from the Cayman Islands

I might be going to the Cayman Islands soon, August 10th-20th. I have been thinking about possibly rescuing a puppy from the pound there and taking it back to Canada with me, and finding it a home here. They have a seriously feral dog population there, not to mention no one neuters there dogs there either. Which all in all means, there is an incredible over population. My own family dog, who i grew up with was rescued from a pound there as a puppy. Best temperament, and best dog ever, now over 13 years old and healthy as can be. All the dogs there are complete mutts, with barley any breeds mixed in because there is barley any pure breeds there. They are all cute as can be! i hate breeds, and love dogs that are just.. dogs! I need to look into the steps more, but it might be something i would be doing a fund raiser for some time soon.

Heres a link to the web site if you want to take a look at some of there dogs (or cats):

Pet Airways

I guess it's about time some people realized animals are not objects. After many airlines killed.. many dogs between the lack of climatization during flight at the hours on the tarmac in dead heat. Airlines then after god knows how many dead dogs, or i guess after being sued god knows how many time. They decided to change the rules, which then made it next to impossible to travel with your pet. One of the rules being; making sure the temperature is a certain degree before you can board with the dog, which in my case meant i had to wait the 30 minute line up four times to simply ask if we can board yet and her to say no. Until i almost even completely missed my flight. As i come from a family who has traveled many pets from many country's; our family dog coming on vacation with us every summer.. moving a rabbit from England to the cayman islands, a horse from the cayman islands to Canada, along with 2 cats. I very much appreciate the idea of a pet airline. Although that doesn't mean i will be able to afford it!

Note on dumping cats: REMOVE THE COLLAR

If you are going to dump your cat, please at least have the decency to REMOVE THE COLLAR! Seriously. Guess what, the 6 month old kitten you got at 2 months and thought was cute, but then got over it and decided to dump. IT GROWS, and that cute collar you put on it, DOES NOT. I sometimes wonder how people like that, who would dump a cat with a collar, survive in life with such little common sense. 

Also, the same goes for dogs. 

Update: Three 6 week old kittens - Still no luck on the last one

Unfortunately the live trap set for the mother and her last kitten is still empty. I think the mother might have moved the kitten. I still have the trap left there in case, but i think the chances of catching them are pretty slim. At least i was able to save two of them, two less cats in the stray cat population!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cat Acne

Yup, cats have acne as well, just like humans do. Tucker has a pretty bad case actually. He is being treated for it with twice daily disinfections and antibiotic ointment. It is clearing up okay with the treatment, but still has a while before it will be under control. His eye infection has also almost completely cleared up!

Litter Training Your Cats

This site gives you and entire kit that allows you to train your cat to use the toilet. It may seem like a far fetch, but it is actually not that hard at all with this kit and most cats take to it pretty well. Obviously better if they are kittens when being trained. We did it with our 2 when they were kittens, one of them wanted nothing to do with it. The other one now 6 years later, uses the toliet like it was made for cats. Even buts infront of the line sometimes to get to it. Whos likes litter boxes! 

Update: Three 6 week old kittens

So the two went to their foster homes today, each in a seperate home for better chances of socialization. The third one is yet to be caught.. hopefully we can catch it, and the mother. 

Every penny counts!

this morning i received a 20$ donation from a very kind hearted person through the website. THANK YOU! i am hoping to raise enough money to fix the mother cat of the 6 week old kittens i just trapped. 

Also; from people clicking on the adds featured on my page it has raised 4$! may not seem like much, but 4$ can buy me 4 cans of food, de-worm 2 cats, go towards litter, ect

If you are interested in contributing, you can do so safely through PayPal, just click this button: 

Thank you everyone for your support, in every kind of way. It is seriously very appreciated.

Taking the dogs for a run

I took the group for a run (Jazz, Piglet, Ringo, Violet) at the locks yesterday. Piglet is just so full of energy she loves the free space. Violet the old girl use to race up and down, with a seemingly infinite amount of energy in her golden years. She now slowly wanders, with the random playful spurts of energy. Unfortunately the grass was pretty much the same height as Ringo, he wasn't too keen on it. 

Out numbered!

Where am i suppose to fit in here? Jazz (white fluffy dog), Ringo, and Archie leaving no space for me (Before Archie was adopted). Also, notice the drool spot next to Archie, thanks Archie! It is very clear i am out numbered, but well protected i guess?

Piglet meets a baby

a few days ago my brother came down to visit with his 5 month old baby. I do not believe Piglet had ever met one before, so i had no idea how she would react. She was completely in love with it! snuck a lick every chance, would not leave the baby's side, and even just lay down near her and followed her every movement. She absolutely loved the baby!