Saturday, January 2, 2010

Update - Jiminy Cricket

"Just wanted to send you an update on little Jiminy. He's doing great! Coming along fabulously and starting to act like a nice and playful kitten. He's still a bit nervous when I reach into the cage, but hes getting better and loves to cuddle once he's in your arms. Just purrs up a storm. Not at all shy with my boyfriend either! I've setup a cat safe room that he likes to run around in and play with his toys, and he is hiding less and less under the bed. He's also great with my cat (who is still slowly getting used to the idea of a new animal in the house but is behaving herself). Very curious and alert little fellow. Oh, and he's perfectly litter trained so far." - From Holly his foster mum!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Update - Boston

Bath time for Jack Sparrow

This little pirate was not too fond of his bath time. But now he is squeaky clean! and ready to meet potential adopters.

Charlie - New Definition of 'Lap Dog'

Update - Crackers

New Arrival - Leilah


Age: Puppy (5 Months)
Sex: Female
Breed: Pure Bred Mut
Size: Medium
Date Rescued: December 31st 2009
Not Recommended: Kids, because of her reduced vision they would stress her out.

Leilah's previous family thought getting a puppy would be cute, without think much more than that. Low and be hold a few months later the puppy was not so cute anymore, and a little more work than they thought through. With that they decided they no longer wanted her. Their loss really, Leilah is a delight. She is the happiest, go lucky little girl ever. We can grantee she will give you a life full of love, kisses, and loyalty. As long as you are willing to do the same for her in return. She is past the annoying un - house broken puppy stage, while still being a puppy, and is now just waiting for a responsible family to take her under their wings and change her luck around.

New Arrival - Phoenix

Age: Young
Sex: Female
Breed: Persian cross
De-Clawed: Yes, 4 Paws
Date Rescued: December 31st 2009

Reason Rescued: Phoenix ended up at animal control after being dumped on the streets defenseless. With the immense number of abandoned cats and lack of space, she was at risk of being euthanized. Phoenix in short is a sweetheart, she is so full of love and is desperately looking for someone to reciprocate it with her. You lap is her heaven, and she definitely could use an angel.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sponsor an Animal – Rocco

While we are out celebrating with friends, family, or at home watching the ball drop. Justin is outside in the cold desperately trying to raise money for his dog's expensive surgery. (See story here:
Special thanks to Christina and theA.M.R. Animal Services and Boutique team! they donated a ton of food to Rocco today!

Also 20$ has been donated towards him so far, only 2980 more to go!

Happy New Years!

 TODAY: Jiminy Cricket now safe in a foster home, Baxter met his new family in Huntingdon, Picked up donated food in St. Costant from A.M.R (and left with a new kitty as well!), Brought the food to Justin for Rocco, took on a new 5 month old pup (Pictures comming soon)... WHAT A DAY.. Happy New Years everyone!! Lets kick some animal-rights-fighting ass this year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Weekly News Letter Dec. 29th

Hello everyone!

We're back for another wonderful week here at the rescue, my apologies for being a little late this week. We would like to wish everyone a belated merry Christmas, and we hope you all have a fantastic new year!

I would like to start off by thanking the Santa Paws Drive for everything, this has defiantly been, hands down the best Christmas for our animals! They were so happy with all their toys and treats, and not to mention the $700 donated to the rescue, Thank you! To see pictures, video's and for more information on the Santa Paws Drive:

We have a new arrival this week to the Rescue:
Alice: A wonderful little girl, she was dropped off to be euthanized two days before Christmas (can you believe it?), just because she had fleas. Well, not anymore Alice is free of fleas and ready for her new forever home. For more info or to adopt this little cutie see the web site:

We also are in need of even more foster homes, the SPCA is overflowing, the tally as of now is: 28 Rabbits, 13 Hamsters, 1 ferret, 1 dove, 2 buggies, 6 rats and a lot of guinea pigs. there is also two Giant Schnauzers that need a foster home by this weekend, If you would like to open your home to anyone of these animals you can fill out a foster application, it would mean the world to these little angels.

Now check it out, we have an upcoming show in couple of weeks, it's going to knock your socks off! For more information or to buy tickets:
Or to confirm on facebook:

We're also always looking for donations. To donate or volunteer see our website:
For donations:

We are also in desperate need of material donations as well: Dog and cat bowls, carriers, food, collars, ect... It'll make the a difference to an animal who needs it. For the full list:

Thats all for this week.
Much love from everyone here at eleven eleven!

Sponsor an Animal – Rocco

Justin Durrell is a familiar sight to NDG residents.
Rain or shine (or 30 below), this young man can usually be found panhandling outside the corner of Sherbrooke and Hingston.

Justin is friendly with many locals, who give him change, or bring him hot coffee on cold days. They are also familiar with Justin's two beloved dogs, Rocco and Molar, who are always by his side.

But lately residents have noticed that one of his dogs, Rocco, has been absent. Rocco recently suffered a leg injury, and Justin is desperately trying to raise money for an operation. He was playing ball and took a bad fall. He tore his ACL ligament and hurt two others - needs expensive specialized surgery to recuperate. Operation and recovery will cost about $3000. Justin has gotten off the streets and is in his own apartment, but doesn't have the money for Rocco's operation.

To contribute please go here:

*His story will be featured today on CBC radio's Homerun at 4:40, 88.5 FM on the dial.a

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Update Porscha

Noah Updates

Update 28th December 2009: Noahs feeding tube has been removed and he is now eating all by himself!

Update 20th December 2009: Noahs jaw fixture was finally removed! He is now starting to eat small bits of food and will be able to have his feeding tube removed soon.

Update 6th November 2009: Noah has recovered from the surgery and is now walking around, playing, exploring. However another complication has come up and it has been discovered that he has zero tear production. This could be cause by head trauma and a result of nerve damage, it may or may not be permanent. For now he needs eye lubrication at least 3 times a day. The eye ointment is expensive, and adding up when he needs it so often.

Update 2nd November 2009: Noah is now slowly starting to walk. He has been unable to until this point, it is still not sure if this is due to the head injuries or not. He continues to be fed through the feeding tube, and will not be able to eat on his own until the fixture is removed. The re-evaluation is in one month, at that point they will determine if they will have to go back into surgery or not. However they believe they will most likely have to. Therefore Noah will need constant feedings throughout the day for at least one month, if not two. For now his incision is healing well and everything is going smoothly.

Update 30th October 2009:Noah went into his first surgery with Doctor Warrak, and Interns Dr. Grenier and Dre. Bond. As explain by Dr. Warrak, “A cerclage was put to immobilize the fracture at the intermandibular symphysis. An external fixator was put to reduce the mid-mandibular fracture. It was impossible to put a cerclage because there were some mandibular fragments, and all the plates were too big for the mandible. There was a lot of fibrous tissues, indicating that the fracture was old, at least two weeks. Due to his very small size at 5 pounds, it was tricky. They had to adjust their instruments, pins and wires accordingly. The surgeons were amazed by the extent of the injuries, which means a lot when these are specialist and see this every day. The surgery nonetheless went well and Noah recovered in the ICU that night.

Update 29th October 2009: The CT scan revealed extensive jaw injuries, more than expected; Oblique mid-mandibular fracture to the right, with a fracture at inter-mandibular symphysis. Polytrauma to the head, with multiple fractures at the temporo-mandibular articulation, skull, zygomatic arch, frontal sinus, ethmoid, and nasal septum. The surgeon Dr. Warrak, explained that it was caused by “severe head trauma” comparable to being hit by a car. However Noah was stickly kept indoors in an appartment with no acess to escape. Noah will need at least two surgeries each costing 1200$. This does not include the pre-operative and post-operative intensive care needed.

Update 28th October 2009: Noah has been transferred to St. Hyacinthe to have a CT scan and be evaluated by the surgeon.

Update 27
th October 2009: A feeding tube was put into place. This tube is directly attached to his stomach as he cannot use his mouth due to the damage. Despite difficulty incubating because of the injuries and swelling the surgery went very well as he has now recovered from it.

Sponsor an Animal: Noah

Noah a young, healthy, affectionate little kitten was brought into a veterinary clinic October 26th 2009 because he had not been eating. Upon examination it became apparent that there was a good reason for Noah’s lack of appetite, his lower jaw had been severely broken.Unable to afford the 3000$+ it would cost to afford the reparative surgery; the previous owners declined further treatment leaving one option (and a much cheaper one), euthanasia. After previously being treated for a broken rib and fractured paw at only 3 months old, now 5 months old with a broken jaw.. Noah was facing the end of his short life. Thankfully that day a small girl with a big heart came to his rescue. On that faithful day Noah found his guardian angel.

Bongo Adopted!

Bongo was dumped at a clinic to be euthanized, after being dumped on the streets and picked up by Animal Control. He was finally picked up, and placed in a foster home who decided to adopt him because he is too wonderful to give up! One mans trash, another mans treasure - their loss! Bongo will now spend the rest of his life being lathered in love and affection and enjoying a country living.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Foster Homes Needed

... The SPCA is overflowing! Foster/Adoptive homes needed:

28 rabbits, 13 hamsters, 1 feret, 1 dove, 2 budgies, 6 rats, many guineas

Foster Homes Needed

2 female giant schnauzers need to be rescued from puppy mill by this coming weekend