Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sunday, February 21st - Meet 'N Greet with Dewey / Nail Cutting Fundraiser

Date: Sunday February 21st 2010
Time: 11 - 16h
Place: Natural Animal (4932B Rue Sherbrooke Ouest)

MEET DEWEY: Dewey is a regular little pup; full of love, joy, happiness, gets into trouble and still has accidents in the house. He is your typical 3 months old puppy. However unfortunately for Dewey his elbow was broken while being punished for something that, well every puppy does. Dewey had an accident in the house. He then faced two options, being euthanized at such a young age or having the corrective specialized orthopeadic surgery done.

Eleven Eleven had his surgery done at Hopital Veterinaire Rive-Sud Friday Feburary 12th.

This is a chance for everyone who has donated or would like to personally. Come and meet the little Mr. Man – Dewey! He is very excited to meet all the faces that helped save his life.

After everything he has been through. Feel welcome to sign his cast with some words of encouragement. If you are going to have to lug around a goofy cast, might as well have some fun with it?

We still have a fair way to go to cover his surgery costs so we are also having a nail cutting fundraiser. With donations of 5$ or more your pet gets a free nail cut! Rabbits, cats, dogs, all welcome!

(People who have already donated online we will have a list so bring your furry critter by, we will cut their nails for free!)

*We will also have items and T-Shirts from our newly launched store for sale at the event - skip the mailing fee and get them at the discounted price!

See store here:

See Dewey's fulls story and up-dates here:

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  1. Good post overflowing of useful ideas! I like how you have written it properly but purposely. I have learned a lot from you. Good job and more writings to come!

    What a great rescue.