Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas at the rescue!

Santa dropped by tonight and showed these homeless pets some love for Christmas. All their faces speak for themselves. Everyone was ecstatic! Special thanks to Santa Paws Drive for donating all the toys and treats, and not to mention 700$ as well! This will definitely help make a lot more critters happy like these, and help us save lives. 

*All of the animals featured were brought in directly by their owners to clinics to be euthanized for reasons like; moving, allergies, doesn't get along with dog, not enough time, ect. They were all able to be saved because of donations like this.


  1. this makes me cry like pretty much any of your updates or posts on facebook/here but i'm so happy they got all those toys and donations! i can't wait to get payed and donate again and again. those cats are so precious and so is that boxer. bless, always.

  2. That Charlie is one smart dog. He only fell for the cruel human pretending to throw the toy once! It makes me feel so good that I could help in a small way. Wish mom and dad could adopt all the homeless doggies and kittehs in the world so they could have forever homes like me.