Sunday, November 22, 2009

11-11 on CBC: Gracies Gift

Grace decided to donate towards Frankie's Surgery instead of receving presents on her 7th birthday. Grace explain she wanted to do this because she already has everything she needs. Grace was able to raise 300$ for the rescue at her birthday party and proudly presented it to Frankie herself. Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue was astonished when we first hear the news from her mother. It takes a very special girl to choose to do this, as most kids are just so focused on what they want and not how they can help others. CBC news heard the story and were there with us when Grace met Frankie. Grace is an exceptional girl and we cannot even begin to thank her enough for what she has done. Grace also set an example for her younger sister Sage who has also chosen that she wants to donate to us on her birthday as well. Thank you to Grace for donating and her parents Kristin and Errol for their exceptional support. 

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