Monday, December 7, 2009

Sponsor an Animal – Frankie

Update December 1st 2009: Frankie has fully recovered from the surgery and we will not need to go back in again, yay! His life of pain is now DONE. He has been adopted by his foster mother and will now enjoy his new pain-free life happily with her in Hudson.

Update October 28th 2009:
Frankie has managed to rip out his stitches! He was brought back in and had to be sedated to have his stiches put back. His ulcer however has fully healed with very minimal scar tissue after over a month of intensive treatments.

Update October 25th 2009: Frankie went back into surgery for his left eye, still needed a little more nip and tuck! The surgery went smoothly and he has recovered very well.

Update October 15th 2009: Frankie has developed a minor infection in his left eyelid incisions! He mastered the art of rubbing his eyes with the E-Collar (Which is to prevent that). In turn he gave himself and infection, silly boy. He is now on anti-biotics for the infection and eye drops to reduce the scar tissue from the massive ulcer he had in his eye. His right eye looks GREAT, on the bright side. We may have to go back into surgery with the left eye once it is healed, we may have not taken the eye lid back enough. It is better to take too little than too much out! Soon enough we will have him all fixed up. Also the other big news is; Frankie has been adopted by his foster mom!!! He won over her heart and after weeks of giving him his intensive treatments.. who wouldn't! We are very happy for him, he will now enjoy the rest of his life in Hudson.

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