Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Please contact me for more info.


WANTED: A VERY EXPERIENCED BIRD OWNER, WHO OWNS A HOUSE. FOR A VOCAL FEATHERED FRIEND. This adoption will be strictly screened, to ensure the best possible home.

SHAYO in foster care... possibly adopted

Cross your fingers everyone! Shayo a rabbit brought in to one of our affiliated clinics to be euthanized for aggression, has been placed in what seems to be an excellent foster home. They're intention is to adopt... if they can break through his angry facade and teach him how to be a lovey bunny. From what I hear... so far so good!


Okay boys and girls, this little guy has a look all his own! Somewhere between maybe a spaniel, terrier, boston? Your guess is as good as mine! This medium size dog was found running around longueiul. We posted in search of his owner on Craigslist, notified the local animal control office and searched postings on Kijiji not to mention any and every other lost dog site I could find. No one has come forward to claim this specail lttle guy, after a week in our care he is now up for adoption.

Our wonderful foster family told us he's doing great! He loves to go on walks, he pulls a bit but knows to stop at intersections. He doesn't use a backyard well, doesn't know to do his business there and he looks for a way out (but that could be because he's not operated yet). He loves the dog park, he plays very well with other dogs. He does not do well in a crate/cage. He does bark when people come to the door, and when someone moves around up stairs but then he stops once he sees them. Apartment living might be out for this guy...

Age 1-2 years
Size: Medium

Bunny Almost Fed as SNAKE FOOD, for adoption!

After placing SHAYO in foster care the foster family stopped off to buy a cage from someone off Kijji. Shortly after I received an urgent email advising us that the women selling the cage was so distressed about not being able to find a new home for her rabbit, she was considering giving him to someone who offered to take him, but to feed him to his snake!
Even if it was just a threat we couldn't take the chance, we got the poor bun out of there a.s.a.p!!! It seems the reason for the adoption was that the woman had developped allergies. In an attempt to reduce allergens in her home... this unfortunate bunbun was shaved! The woman was extremely lucky that she didn't cut through the skin, something that happens to easily when shaving rabbits.

Hopefully, a warm and loving home can see through the funny haircut and give this boy a loving, forever home!

Hehe... I've named him Snake, I'm sure this will be changed in his new home but I thought this was a good boy name aside from his story.

Snake is a Holland Lop cross
Approx. 2 yrs
Neutered today!
Supposed to be litter box trained (stress can affect this)


Sunday, February 21, 2010


Update: Any one that can help search tomorrow morning(Monday Feb22) 9 am Jack Astor's Galerie Des Sources HWY 40 exit 55

An Ontario flyball team participating in a flyball tournament at Ile-des-Soeurs QC today were stolen their truck, a 2004 black Chevrolet Silverado licence plate "501 ONE" from the Jack Astor's restaurant parking lot in Pointe-Claire QC with the dogs in the truck. Anyone who sees the truck or the dogs, please contact Claire Gordon RIGHT AWAY at one of the following numbers:


The dogs are: Trek and Tronic, black & white Border Collies, Zoom, JRT, River, Cattle Dog with a docked tail.

Pictures of Trek and River can be seen here:

The police was called, and they are also calling the media and all animal control officers in the vicinity. We are circulating the message on several discussion boards.

Please crosspost.

Urgent! Foster Home Needed for Bunny!

EMERGENCY!!! Need a foster home for a rabbit who might end up as rabbit food if we can't find a foster A.S.A.P!!! Message if anyone can help!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sunday, February 21st - Meet 'N Greet with Dewey / Nail Cutting Fundraiser

Date: Sunday February 21st 2010
Time: 11 - 16h
Place: Natural Animal (4932B Rue Sherbrooke Ouest)

MEET DEWEY: Dewey is a regular little pup; full of love, joy, happiness, gets into trouble and still has accidents in the house. He is your typical 3 months old puppy. However unfortunately for Dewey his elbow was broken while being punished for something that, well every puppy does. Dewey had an accident in the house. He then faced two options, being euthanized at such a young age or having the corrective specialized orthopeadic surgery done.

Eleven Eleven had his surgery done at Hopital Veterinaire Rive-Sud Friday Feburary 12th.

This is a chance for everyone who has donated or would like to personally. Come and meet the little Mr. Man – Dewey! He is very excited to meet all the faces that helped save his life.

After everything he has been through. Feel welcome to sign his cast with some words of encouragement. If you are going to have to lug around a goofy cast, might as well have some fun with it?

We still have a fair way to go to cover his surgery costs so we are also having a nail cutting fundraiser. With donations of 5$ or more your pet gets a free nail cut! Rabbits, cats, dogs, all welcome!

(People who have already donated online we will have a list so bring your furry critter by, we will cut their nails for free!)

*We will also have items and T-Shirts from our newly launched store for sale at the event - skip the mailing fee and get them at the discounted price!

See store here:

See Dewey's fulls story and up-dates here:

Jiminy Cricket Adopted!

Little Jiminy was adopted last night!! He has come such a long way from when we first rescued him at 8 weeks old from the feral cat population (#01NDG09) as a feral kitten. We had to use nets and gloves to catch him. You can not even tell now that he was ever afraid of humans. He is one little kitty with a whole lot of love (and energy). Seeing him get adopted to such a nice home makes freezing our toes off trying to catch him for an hour two months ago 110% worth it!

We got this update from his new mom this morning;

"Just wanted to let you know that Jiminy (or Macbeth, as I have renamed him), is doing very well! I did put all his necessities in one room (litterbox, food, toys, blankets) but the first thing he did was explore the whole apartment. He did stay in the room alone for awhile, but came out a lot in the evening to explore and play with the Cat Dancer.

He ended up sleeping on my pillow, and this morning woke me up with loud purring and lots of kisses on my nose! He is VERY friendly and affectionate today, and full of energy. :)

Thank you for everything! I'm so happy with Macbeth, and he seems pretty happy too. :)"

Minoush Adopted!

Minoush has been adopted after looking for a home for months! This little jem was dropped off at a clinic to be euthanized by her previous owners, their reasoning was; they no longer wanted her. At least they were honest! Anyways - their loss (losers). She is a fantastic kitty and now after 5 years of life has finally found the warm loving home she deserved from the start!

Curly Adopted

Curly has come a long way from where he started! An unwanted litter left on the balcony to freeze to death when the owners moved, wound up in a pound and was shortly on death row once his time was up. He is now in a fantastic, loving, active house hold with kids, a country house, an older doggy brother.. the works! Curly his the jack pot with his new home, and we are very happy to have been able to rescue such a great little pup!

Good luck Curly, you have a whole life ahead of you now!