Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rocky Pictures / Update

Rocky was neutered, which should help lower his energy level and help him over all be more emotionally and psychologically sound. 1 - 2 years old is when male dogs reach sexual maturity, and he was 2 without being castrated. With sexual maturity comes dominance, possible aggression (could explain why he growled at the child), and other behavior related problems like marking. Thankfully he only growled at a child, only dominant with other dogs, and had not yet started  marking. So we have nipped it in the bud and once his testosterones are gone he will be a happy go lucky dog with no hormones getting in the way. 

He was also fully vaccinated (DHPP-Lepto-Kennel Cough-Rabies), Heart Worm tested negative, and had a dose of external and internal parasite treatment and prevention. He is healthy and go to go!

Here is a picture of him recovering from the surgery:

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