Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rocky - New Arrival


Age: Young
Sex: Male/Neutered
Breed: Boxer
Size: Large (72lbs)
Date Rescued: December 8th 2009
Not Recommended: Children under 14

Reason rescued: Rocky was going to be euthanized after being to much to handel in the household with kids.


I like: Long walks on the beach, candle lit dinners. Well long walks, and my kibble does just fine. I am a Boxer; you know what comes with boxers? Energy! Yes – energy, I got it! No more than an average boxer though, and I know when its down time. But when its go-time oh boy can I go! I like to play, and run, and have long walks.. you know, like any dog really.


I Dislike: Being homeless for one. I also do not get along great with other dominant type dogs, because I can be dominant myself with other dogs – we would not mesh well. Also I was raised in a family with kids.. but growled at them once for what ever reason (who doesn’t lose patients with kids now and then). To be on the safe size, I should never be trusted around kids – ever.


Hobbies and Interests: Giving and received lots a love, attention, play time, long walks, the usual.


Looking for: A warm loving home. I need a strong experienced owner who can keep me in-line, because I am a strong hardheaded dog (comes with the breed). However I respond GREAT to the little bit of training I have had, I just need someone who can keep up with it and wont let me get out of had.


To the Point:  Now that you have got to know me a little bit, lets get to the point. I am a fantastic dog, and full of brains. I am a quick learner and very eager, you give me a little training and ill take it the whole 10 yards. However that goes the other way as well, give me a little slack and I will also take that the whole ten yards. I need someone that knows dogs, knows how to train dogs, and knows large breeds. I am too big of a boy to get the slack to be let out of hand. Because of my history with kids, I should not be trusted with them. Other than that, I am happy go-lucky and ready to spread my excess amount of love with you.

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