Friday, January 1, 2010

New Arrival - Leilah


Age: Puppy (5 Months)
Sex: Female
Breed: Pure Bred Mut
Size: Medium
Date Rescued: December 31st 2009
Not Recommended: Kids, because of her reduced vision they would stress her out.

Leilah's previous family thought getting a puppy would be cute, without think much more than that. Low and be hold a few months later the puppy was not so cute anymore, and a little more work than they thought through. With that they decided they no longer wanted her. Their loss really, Leilah is a delight. She is the happiest, go lucky little girl ever. We can grantee she will give you a life full of love, kisses, and loyalty. As long as you are willing to do the same for her in return. She is past the annoying un - house broken puppy stage, while still being a puppy, and is now just waiting for a responsible family to take her under their wings and change her luck around.

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