Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sponsor an Animal – Rocco

Justin Durrell is a familiar sight to NDG residents.
Rain or shine (or 30 below), this young man can usually be found panhandling outside the corner of Sherbrooke and Hingston.

Justin is friendly with many locals, who give him change, or bring him hot coffee on cold days. They are also familiar with Justin's two beloved dogs, Rocco and Molar, who are always by his side.

But lately residents have noticed that one of his dogs, Rocco, has been absent. Rocco recently suffered a leg injury, and Justin is desperately trying to raise money for an operation. He was playing ball and took a bad fall. He tore his ACL ligament and hurt two others - needs expensive specialized surgery to recuperate. Operation and recovery will cost about $3000. Justin has gotten off the streets and is in his own apartment, but doesn't have the money for Rocco's operation.

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*His story will be featured today on CBC radio's Homerun at 4:40, 88.5 FM on the dial.a

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