Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sponsor an Animal: Noah

Noah a young, healthy, affectionate little kitten was brought into a veterinary clinic October 26th 2009 because he had not been eating. Upon examination it became apparent that there was a good reason for Noah’s lack of appetite, his lower jaw had been severely broken.Unable to afford the 3000$+ it would cost to afford the reparative surgery; the previous owners declined further treatment leaving one option (and a much cheaper one), euthanasia. After previously being treated for a broken rib and fractured paw at only 3 months old, now 5 months old with a broken jaw.. Noah was facing the end of his short life. Thankfully that day a small girl with a big heart came to his rescue. On that faithful day Noah found his guardian angel.


  1. Hi

    Would it be possible to get an update on Noah the kitten and any updated photos. Will he be adopted out once he has fully recouperated? I have been following his story and am so thankful to the people out there that make it possible to help these animals, it is a heartbreaking story and its wonderful to know that he is is doing so much better. I have always been interested in his well being and if there is a question of not having a home for him, please post it and I will contact you about adoption.

  2. you can see more about Noah on the blog the person who saved him put up - http://www.savingnoah.blogspot.com

    It is full of pictures & videos of him! We have yet to take new pictures of him without the head gear! - coming soon!

    The person who saved him is most likely going to keep him, how can you not get attached after everything she has seen him through.