Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tortoise update

Last week we rescued a Tortoise with a prolapsed cloaca, which the pet store was uninterested in treating. The outcome was very optimistic, but we gave him a go and put our vets brains to work. With a short anesthesia the prolapse was returned to rightful place and fingers crossed should stay there! He is continuing to receive medical care and should be ready to go for adoption shortly. (Current bills stands at 120$ - ouch!)

Tortoise Update: Was dropped off with foster today he is in better shape then I thought!!! I guess I'm a little better then thought, but he's definitely in better hands. I also found out he's extra special because male Redfooted Tortoises are hard to find.

He is being fostered by a specialist who takes care of the tortoises for the ecomuseum - only the best for our little guys!

- Leigh (Our Exotic Animal Gal)

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