Monday, January 11, 2010

Sponsor an Animal – Rocco

We are very happy to announce that Walkin' Wheels is donating a wheelchair for Rocco!!! - This is heaven sent! They are usually 500$, and without it Rocco faced the risk of tearing his 'good' knee from all the extra weight and stress it has taken on. With an already 3000$ surgery (Now 2000$ thanks to the DMV Foundation) , the 500$ was proving hard to fit into the expenses.

Thank you Walkin Wheels for such a generous donation, this will truly help Rocco and his fight to get back on his feet - literally.

Right now we are at 755$ - WOW! We are almost half way there!

Rocco will be getting the surgery done next week on the 19th because of how urgent it is, which we will then slowly have to pay off to the DMV as the donations come in.

Sincerely thank you to everyone who has come together and supported Rocco, is has honestly been inspirational and we are absolutely pleased to be able to be a part of this.

See Roccos Story Here:

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