Sunday, January 31, 2010

Recent Puppy Mill Seizure / Foster homes needed

11-11 took a tour of some of the recent puppy mill dogs at The SPCA today. Lets just say it took us 3 hours to go through them all, there are so many right now. The small breeds are mostly great tempered, however there was one little girl who won out hears over. Jill was hovering in a corner and petrified of people or being touched, so we took her in the rescue! She obviously needed the extra TLC and we could not leave her behind. She is now being foster my one of the team members, Caroline. We also plan to take on a few more.. but we need foster homes! This is were YOU come into play, if you have ever thought about fostering NOW IS THE TIME. These pups need YOUR help. Besides the small dogs, there are also about 40 large golden/husky crosses. Most very well socialized but many absolutely scared of people, however very curious! They just need someone with a little patience willing to pull them out of their shells (We are unable to post pictures of them because they are still in court with the previous owner).

We will also be taking on a 3 legged pregnant husky from them, ready to give birth literally any day now! She will also be fostered within the team by Joanne.

If you have ever thought about fostering NOW is the time. Click Here to see more information about fostering.

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