Sunday, January 31, 2010

Porscha Adopted!

Porscha was rescued in November and after 4 months has now bee ADOPTED! She is a true survivor and was the vicitim of for profit breeding. Because of the negelctful conditions she was kept in and poor genetics Porscha has NO tear production. She arrived with leathery dry eyes, the docotors did not even belive they would be able to recover. But this little mircale worker, worked her maigic along with intensive eye treatments and a fantastic foster mom Porscha slowly regained her vision! She however will never have tear production, and for the rest of her life will always be on eye ointments. Even with that Porscha was able to find an EXCEPTIONAL home, with a new sister! She is one lucky pup and is now finally getting the second chance at life so many people have fought for her to have. Thank you to her beyond amazing foster mum Leesa, and the amazing adoptive home who looked past her special needs and what what we all saw, just Porshca a perfect little flawless pup.

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