Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ringo - Carolines

Ringo: This little long hair chihuahua was going to be put down at a year and a half. He was devocalized three weeks prior and then became snappy with the other dog in the house. The previous owner became afraid that he would snap at the new puppy. We figured I would take him home and give him to an elderly lady who has no animals or children at home, he would be her baby. This little guy really won over his foster (Caroline - Founder) though, and they ended up keeping him. He lives Caroline, and her sisters and her dog Jazz, they are absolutely in love and inseparable. The only times he has ever seen him aggressive to another dog is when a German Shepard was playing to rough with Jazz at the dog park and she yelped. He then he chased the German Sheppard across the park nipping at his ankles. He actually probably got snappy with her other dog because he was protective of the new puppy. He has since proven himself and his gentle nature many times, and even under went a live dental (minor, no sever periodontal disease or extractions), a procedure that every dog goes under anesthesia for because otherwise it is practically impossible. He was a perfect little addition to our family's pack, and too much of a diamond to give up. 

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