Friday, November 20, 2009

Meet Noah the puppy: Our new "Sponsor an Animal" face.

Noah a 3.5 month old ‘designer breed’ Shipoo (Shi-Tzu x Poodle) puppy is a sad case of for-profit breeding. Noah came from a backyard breeder. They are like puppy mills, without the rabbit cages (for the most part) but still without any regard to the animal’s life or quality of life. Noah fell sick, was brought to a vet and diagnosed with Parvo Virus. Parvo virus is an aggressive deadly disease that young pups and specific breeds are susceptible to. It is vaccinated against with basic shots to prevent it, which is much cheaper than the 1000$ to treat. Unfortunately because of this (preventable) disease, Noah was facing euthanasia. Thankfully the compassionate veterinarian seeked help and Noah was saved, and now under intensive treatments. He is young, and this disease is very tough to fight off. Noah is a tough little guy and we are positive he will be able to pull through this.

Nov 20th 2009 - Treatments started: Noah has started his intensive treatments to fight the disease. He is on I.V fluids and a cocktail of drugs to suppress his gastro intestinal conditions. As of right now his current condition is very bad; he is having bloody diarrhea, vomiting blood, low white blood cell counts, lethargic, and no appetite. Basically right now he is barley alive. We are hoping he responds quickly to treatments. He may need plasma transfusions if his blood protein and white blood cells levels drop anymore. 

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