Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Adoptive/Foster homes needed:

Without foster homes this rescue cannot run, or continue to save animals. Unfortunately with that we are having to turn people down left right and center because of our simple lack of place for the animals. To give an idea of how many requests we get, here is a list of requests from Nov 16th - 23rd. If you think you can help, or know anyone who can, please contact us: info@elevenelevenanimalrescue.org

2 Male Dumbo Rats: Brothers from same litter; Dumbo & Bambi. About 5 months old. Have been sneezing, owner unable to give them medication for it because she is too allergic. Therefore she is also unable to keep them because of her allergies, and with the windows now closed it has become unbearable. Need to be fostered / adopted together as they are bonded.
*Cannot be fostered with other rats, rabbits, or small animasl in the house (Not including cats/dogs).

Mother cat: This sweetheart was abandoned, and left to fend for herself on the streets. She obviously had a home at some point in her life because she is clearly trying to make up for all the months of being attention starved. Of course; she had a litter and like always.. all the kittens got placed and now she is left behind. Unlike her kittens that were place, she has not had the chance as a kitten to find a good home, and now as an adult no one is interested in her. She is about 1 years old.

Two kittens born outside: We have been emailed last week to taken in two outdoor kittens that were born under someone balcony. Winter is coming and outdoors is no place to be for a little defenseless kitten (burr!). Sex unknown, color sliver with white belly's, ages 8 weeks. 
- Foster home found.

Three kittens rescued from outside: 7 Kittens rescued in September, all placed but three, now 3-4 months old.

Dog: No information given other than its name being Matis. More information to come soon (hopefully).

Feral cats rescued, now multiplying: One year a mother cat roamed into the woman's garage, she fed her, she had a litter of three kittens, 2 were able to be place. Went to bring her to be spayed, mother was pregnant again, had her second litter; 3 more kittens. Now has 4 cats and three kittens in her garage ( 2 cats = 2 years old, 1 cat = 1.5 year old 1 cat = 1 year old). They are all black.

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