Thursday, February 11, 2010

NEW Sponsor an Animal - Dewey

Dewey is a regular little pup; full of love, joy, happiness, gets into trouble and still has accidents in the house. He is your typical 3 months old puppy. However unfortunately for Dewey his elbow was broken while being punished for something that, well every puppy does. Dewey had an accident in the house. He then faced two options, being euthanized at such a young age or having the corrective surgery done.

The corrective surgery will need to be done by a specialist, and will involved pins, nuts, bolts, medications, check-up’s, follow up x-rays and more check – up’s.. I short A LOT of money.

Eleven Eleven has taken the little guy on, and is hoping to come up with enough donations to cover the surgery costs.. to save little Dewey.

Dewey is a fantastic puppy, with a whole life ahead of him; an accident in the house should not have to mean the end of his short life (or a broken elbow).


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