Thursday, January 7, 2010

Weekly News Letter January 3rd 2010

Hey all!

Don't think I forgot about y'all! This hasn't been the most exciting week at the rescue, but we hope you can change that :)

We have a few new arrivals:

Leilah: Her previous family thought it would be cute to get a puppy without realizing the work that goes into a one, for more information:

Pheonix: Your typical story. Dumped, like yesterdays garbage. This sweet little girl is looking for a forever home to call her own. For more information:

Have you forgotten about Rocco? well we haven't, please help him out on any way you can, for more of his story and how to help:

We have some pretty exciting events lined up for your viewing pleasure! First off there's "Take me Home Tonight" on January 22, we really hope all of you can come out and support a good cause.

Also... Just off the assembly line "Shop For A Cause" which takes place on January 31, come out and pick up on some brand name shoes, one of a kind custom jewelry, and a lot more!

Something new commin' at ya. Vote for Molly and give us a chance at 10 000 Dollars! what do you think about that?! Awesome! two minutes out of your day can make a huge difference to an animal in need!

Well thats all for this week, don't forget to catch us next week! Much love from everyone here at eleven eleven!

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