Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New arrival - Curly

Meet Curly; Curly is the cutest, happiest, sweetest go lucky little pup ever with the typical ‘lets-explore-everything’ lab disposition. Judging by personality and disposition alone, you would have never guessed where he came from or that he has had little to no socialization. No he did not come from a breeder and raised in a family situation for him to be this sweet and well tempered. In fact Curly’s adorable curly ears in which we named him after speak monuments about where he came from. Although his ears are adorable, and yes curl! They became this way due to frost bite, followed by scar tissue which made the ears uniquely curl. Curly, his brother, and his sister were locked on a balcony for god knows how long when his previous owners moved and left the unwanted litter behind. They were left there with no food, water, shelter, or warmth. Finally neighbors complained, and he was picked up by animal control. Eventually due to the over population and demand for cage space, Curly and his siblings found themselves on death row. Curly’s two siblings then got adopted, but the night before his ‘due date’ Curly was still waiting for his turn. Low an behold, Curly was finally rescued and now looking forward to starting a new life.

He is currently under treatments for diarrhea caused by several species of worms. He has had a rainbow of de-wormers, and should be fully rid of the extra friends soon. He is also very underweight, and we would like to see him gain some. Finally once he is feeling better and looking a little healthier, he will be neutered and then ready to be adopted.

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