Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Good News - Rocco had his surgery!

Rocco had his operation on January 19th, and is now recovering, and resting comfortably at the DMV.

During the surgery, the Dr. Planté of the DMV discovered that the damage to Rocco's leg was even worse than we thought - thank you to the DMV for moving his surgery up! Especially, thanks to the DMV for their generous donation of $1000 towards the surgery.

A big thank you to everyone who has helped Rocco so far - to all his donors, including Walkin' Wheels, who donated the specialized wheelchair for Rocco's recovery.

Thanks to everyone out there who fell in love with this brave, beautiful dog, we have raised an incredible amount of money in a short time. But we can't stop now! We are getting much closer to our total goal, but there is still money left to be raised. We owe the DMV money for Rocco's operation, and Rocco will need medication during his recovery.

Once Rocco is better, his owner Justin, will be heading back to school, and able to make a new start in life.

Here are the ways you can help us write this story's happy end:

Go online and make a donation via paypal through Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue.

Visit the DMV's website to learn more about Rocco:

Come out to Eleven Eleven's next benefit concert - Take Me Home Tonight (Face Book Event)- this Friday at the Sala Rossa!

And don't forget to come to our 'Shop for a Cause' (Face Book Event) day organized by Diane Bondurak from House of Shoes - 20% of profits will go towards Rocco!

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