Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Arrival - Porscha


Age: Young 
Sex: Female
Breed: Min Pin 
Size: Small

Porscha was a victim of for profit breeding – you know the face behind the cute puppy in the pet store. She grew up in a cage, un socialized, and neglected, never seeing outside, touching the ground, or even knowing what toys or play was. She was so neglected for her living situation that she was blind because of lack of tear production. Thankfully after a month of intensive eye treatments – she has now mostly regained her vision. She is now learning what life is all about, learning to walk in grass, just discovered her love for snow, figuring out what toys are, and learning how to make friends. Despite her lack of socialization she has blossomed into a social butterfly. She is pad trained, and crate trained. In fact she loves her crate! Porscha is a great pup who started life in an unfortunate situation and now just needs someone to open up their heart for her and help her continue to figure out what life is all about.

Click Here to see updates on Porscha.

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