Monday, August 3, 2009

Three kittens rescued today!

I took these three kittens in today, after they were going to get put down. They were born outside, but raised in human contact. They like many stray kittens, they have contracted an upper respiratory, Rhinotracheitis Virus. The black one, and the tabby and white one are females. The black and white kitten is a male. They are all in good spirits otherwise! the Tabby female is the most out going of the bunch. Shes the first one out the cage and exploring, and has a built in motor somewhere. She purrs like there is no tomorrow at any bit of attention. She is the least sick as well, barley has any secretions or sneezes. The black and white male is very affectionate as well, and also has a little motor inside. He is pretty sick, but nothing some TLC and antibiotics can't help. The black female.. she is the extremely sick. This infection has hit her the hardest, and just breathing right now for her is a struggle. Her nose and eyes are completely caked with secretions, her airways full of mucus. You can hear her struggle to breath between the mucus and not to mention sneezing fits. She will need the most TLC of the group, and hopefully will pull through. They have all been started on a course of antibitotics, hopefully they will respond well and bounce back.

* I have until the weekend to find them a place other than where they are right now, otherwise they will be euthanized. Foster homes desperately need for them, together or separate!


To see their individual write ups, for more details on each individual kitten click here

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