Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rescued Today: Pickle, Pepper and Penguin

Pickle, Pepper and Penguin were rescued today from a stray cat population of 15 kittens. They were the lucky three that we were able to catch today. We are hoping to catch more kittens this week. They are all very very sick, and absolutely covered in fleas. We are hoping to catch them all as soon as possible, because to be honest in the shape they are in.. the rest of the kittens will most likely not survive winter or even make it through fall. Obviously we can only do that if we have foster homes, which we don't have any free homes right now. 

They will be seen as soon as possible by a veterinarian and started on a course of antibiotics and eye ointments. 

We desperately need foster homes with no other cats (as they are contageous) who can give them the treatments and socialization that they need. Veterinary care, treatments, food and anything else needed will be provided by the rescue. 

Pickle: 2.5moths old, male

Pepper: 2 months old, female

Penguin: 2 months old, male

*They are all suffering from severe eye infections, however their eyes and eye sight are and will remain intact. Their eyes were simply glewed shut with secretions from the infection.

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