Friday, August 14, 2009

NEW ARRIVAL: HONEY! sick little kitten saved tonight now needs foster home ASAP!

Honey was found on road earlier tonight in really bad shape. She is tiny (1.5lb), skinny, listless and covered in dirt and oil patches. Her eyes were sealed shut with secretions, and belly distended with worms.  Thankfully we have not heard her sneeze yet, so fingers crossed she doesn't have rhino! she was nick named "Help" because despite her tiny size she has a very loud sad meow that sounds like "help!". She has been veterinary check, de-wormed (Pyrantel Pamoate), and started on a course of antibiotics. She is only about 6 weeks old, and still has beautiful blue kitten eyes!

*pictures to come soon

We currently desperately need a foster home for this kitty!!!! she cannot be kept with other cats, but dogs are fine.

please let us know if you know anyone who can help!



  1. So I guess she is not weaned yet at that young age. What did the vet use to deworm this tiny kitten?

  2. I agree. Kittens that age are too young to be dewormed. Also a kitten that sick should be at the vet and not sent home.

  3. Honey was dewormed with Pyran, and we held on the parasite prevention, because she was much smaller than we thought. I wrote this as soon as I got the call for the kitten, minutes before the veterinarian looked her at. As i needed a foster home before i could agree to take her.

    Pyran (Pyrantel Pamoate) is safe for kittens over 2 weeks of age, even if they are sick, and this drug has an extremely large safety margin.

    Her stomach is distended with worms, and having worms while trying to recover and gain weight is contraindicative.

    If you read my Bio you will understand I have and education in animal health and it is also my profession. I am well within the means of judging weather this kitten should be in a clinic or not. Her sickness is only her eye infections. She is much better off getting 24-hour care with me that left alone in a clod cage over night at a clinic. Not to mention what she could pick up at a veterinary clinic because she is un-vaccinated and much too young to be.

  4. Congratulations on saving another baby, hopefully you'll have as much success with this kitten as with the three other little ones (Diamond looks like a completely new kitten!)

  5. she's beautiful :'( i wish i could foster her but now that i got the job at apple we're not home as much as we'd like. this is so sad. i'll try and ask some great people i know if they're willing to help!