Saturday, August 22, 2009

Help save rescued dog from China, after being thrown out a car and now needs his leg amputated!

Xiao-Hei was thrown out of a car and got hit in China. A Canadian girl was traveling and working at the same time in China saw him, and brought him back with her. He suffered from an injured hind leg and the only way to help him is to amputate this leg. However, the girl is a young student that can't afford the surgery cost all by herself so we are hoping to help her raise some funds. Surgery will be performed at the Animal Health Clinic in NDG, they have agreed to do it at a discounted cost if we can come up with the money! 


  1. WOW! what an amazing story. best of luck to him & her!

  2. There is a vet right under the JC bridge that specializes in orthopedics. I have had several friends use his services. Can't remember the name at the moment but he started the DMV and then left when it became ridiculous. Poor thing. All the best!

  3. Any update on him? Did he get his surgery?