Saturday, July 18, 2009

Update: Three 6 week old kittens - Two are caught!

A live trap was set last night at 1am, by 6am the first one was caught. A little timid long hair, tabby, female. The trap was set again and by 11:30 the second one was caught. Again a female, tabby, but shore hair. The second one much more fearful. They were both riddled with fleas and have a distended belly full of worms. They have been veterinary checked, de-wormed with milbemax (which kills; tape worms, round worms, and hookworms) and Revolution (which kills; mites, round worms, and fleas). They were also given a capstar, which kills adults fleas within hours. Other that that they are both healthy little girls, with no signs of disease or upper respiratory infections. 

The trap was left again at 1pm, hopefully we will have the third one by tonight!

Also the mother was sighted this morning when the second trap was set. Shes a some what timid, but still very gentle, young, tortishell. I am hoping to catch her aswell and get her fixed and hopefully adopted. 

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