Monday, July 20, 2009

Future Possible Project: Rescuing Pup from the Cayman Islands

I might be going to the Cayman Islands soon, August 10th-20th. I have been thinking about possibly rescuing a puppy from the pound there and taking it back to Canada with me, and finding it a home here. They have a seriously feral dog population there, not to mention no one neuters there dogs there either. Which all in all means, there is an incredible over population. My own family dog, who i grew up with was rescued from a pound there as a puppy. Best temperament, and best dog ever, now over 13 years old and healthy as can be. All the dogs there are complete mutts, with barley any breeds mixed in because there is barley any pure breeds there. They are all cute as can be! i hate breeds, and love dogs that are just.. dogs! I need to look into the steps more, but it might be something i would be doing a fund raiser for some time soon.

Heres a link to the web site if you want to take a look at some of there dogs (or cats):

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